Hitler's War for Windows

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Welcome to Hitler's war for Windows. This is an attempt to create a PC version of the classic Metagaming/Avalon Hill Boardgame Hitler's War. This mini masterpiece allows players to recreate World War Two in Europe. Players choose the Axis, Soviets or Allies in different scenarios of increasing complexity.

Operation Barbarossa is the first scenario covering the Axis attack on the U.S.S.R. This scenario serves as an introduction to the game covering movement, combat and production.

The Fall Of Germany Scenario adds the Allies and rules for Sea Movement, Amphibious Invasions and Forts.

The two Campaign games cover the entire war from 1939 and add the rest of the rules chiefly Research, Nationality and special units such as Tactical Air and Paratroops.

Campaign game 3 covers optional rules written by Jay Richardson adding more flavour particularly to the national morale rules.

The Windows version of the game has hot seat and network play for each of these scenarios. This means 2 or 3 friends can battle it out on the same computer or over a LAN or the internet. There is no AI player or EMail support at present. 

Furthermore, the following optional rules are currently supported: leaders, home forces for minor countries, naval rules and ships and carriers.

In Game Keys
'1' - switch to Windowed mode.
'2' - switch to full screen mode.
'q' - Quit the game.
'y' - select yes button in popup question box.
'n' - select no button in popup question box.
'u' - toggle display of the Units table
'f' - toggle display of the Firepower table
'a' - toggle display of the Advance table

keypad up - decrease the height of the window
keypad down - increase the height of the window
keypad left - decrease the width of the window
keypad right - increase the width of the window

Operation Barbarossa

hwar.ini configuration file help

Line Values Description
### Hitlers War ini file - Edit at your peril ###   Comment line which is ignored
SERVERNAME:venus   Identifies the server in a network game
--- Optional Rules ---   Ignored comment line
LEADERS:NO YES/NO Sets the Leaders optional rules on or off
FORCES:NO YES/NO Sets the home forces optional rules on or off
ITALIAN:NO YES/NO Sets the Italian optional rules on or off
NAVAL:NO YES/NO Sets the Naval optional rules on or off
SHIPS:NO YES/NO Sets the partial ship builds optional rules on or off
CARRIERS:NO YES/NO Sets the carriers optional rules on or off
MODIFIEDROLLS:NO YES/NO Sets the modified rolls optional rules on or off
FASTPOPUPS:YES YES/NO Sets fastpopup windows on or off
SOUNDS:YES YES/NO Turns in game sound effects on or off
AUTOSAVE:YES YES/NO Turns autosaving on or off

valid filename Identifies the name of file to be used for autosaving.


EMail: jonathanfmcc@gmail.com