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    - All Quiet On the Western Front   

3/March/13 Forum changed.

Just a quick update to say I've changed forums due to persistent spamming of the old one.

26/October/11 V2.17 released.

A few more bugs fixed.

- Removed the dependancy on MSVCR100.DLL.
- In Campaign 3, fixed bug where all research points cost 2 production points. It now only costs 2 production points for the the 2nd research point spent on A-Bombs or Missiles.
- Updated the website so that the Donate button now works ;)

9/December/08 V2.16 released.

A few more bugs fixed.

- Fixed the colour scheme so that it works in Windows 7.
- Report the correct network address when starting a Network Server.
- Another attempt to stop fort Eben EMael from disappearing now and then.
- Make sure an item at a "P" level on the research track, still has a B result converted to A if another faction has completed all the P levels.
- Don't allow Siberian production to go above 12 when it increases from 8 to 12.
- In Campaign 3, the 2nd research point spent on A-Bombs or Missiles now costs 2 production points.

15/August/08 V2.15 released.

A couple of annoying bugs fixed.

Bug Fixes:
- Check the correct mainland hexes for Italian surrender (it was checking the wrong hexes).
- Stopped the game from hanging when fixing overstacking in desert hexes.
- Fixed a production bug.

17/September/07 V2.14 released.

- Prompt the axis player for invading Russia
- Donít allow bombing between axis and soviets if USSR has surrendered

Bug Fixes:
- Fort Eben Emaal not shown sometimes
- Remove correct home forces when balkans join axis
- Fixed bug when calculating the defence strength for advances
- Fixed bug where extra ship points could be created in the movement phase
- Correctly check 4 hex bomber range

Campaign 3 (in progress)
- Desert rules

28/May/07 V2.13 released.

Changed the screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768.

Bug Fixes:
- Changed one of the Siberian hexes to a Mountain hex.
- Germany now surrenders when morale is reduced to 0.

Campaign 3 (in progress)
- The Italian fleet no longer gets treated as a German fleet.
- Make sure temporary axis amphibious points gets converted back to infantry if the invasion fails.

19/Feb/07 V2.12 released.


Campaign 3 (in progress)
- German fleet restrictions
- German improvised amphibious invasion
- Britain Surrender
- French Surrender
- Invading England

Only use 1 autosave file - overwrite it each time.

12/Oct/06 V2.11 released.

Someone noticed that Libya automatically went over to the allies in 1940 in Campaign Game 2 so I fixed this and uploaded V2.11 again. (This was due to Italy now joining the Axis in the German production phase of 1940 so Germany was not being allocated any Mediterranean sea movement at the start of the 1940 turn).

25/Sep/06 V2.11 released.

This is a bug fix release.

Campaign 3 (in progress - see Bug/Wish List page for progress)
- Allies lose 2 morale when france falls as Britain defiant kicks in early.

Bug Fixes:

- Missiles can now fire across sea hexsides.

- Campaign Game II a player has produced Missile units he can't use them in the
following turn he has to wait for two or three rounds.

- Campaign Game II a player has produced Missiles, A-Bombs and Strategic bombers
and he can't allocate A-Bombs to Missile units unless for each Strategic Bomber
has an A-Bomb allocated to it. Furthermore as long as there is a Strategic Bomber
unit in play he can't make use of his missile units.

- Campaign Game II without making use of the optional rules a player has the right
during the research phase to allocate research points to Aircraft Carrier but
there are no Aircraft Carrier Units to produce.

- During the invasion assault the program should count the amphibious strength points
towards the firepower strength but it doesn't do that. According to the program the
firepower of the invading army is always zero.

- Amphibious assault should attack the garrison if the hex is empty.

- Mechanized strength points should participate along with the infantry strength
points totaling their number in an assault against a fortress.

- A player should be able to increase Atlantic Shipping above three only in Campaign Game II & III.

- Partisan attacks should be possible only when playing Campaign Game II.

13/Sep/06 V2.10 released.


Campaign 3 (in progress - see Bug/Wish List page for progress)
Changed Autosave so that it saves a separate file for each phase.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed location of Helsinki
- When U-Boats sink all transported units, make sure they are removed.
- Italy now joins axis in PRODUCTION phase of spring 1940

- FIXED: When Italy enters the war the axis player can relocate only two strength points to an army in Libya but never the less he can leave uncommitted strength points and transfer an army of two strength points and then end the movement phase and the uncommitted strength points will magically be placed in that army in Libya.

- FIXED: During the phase of U-Boat warfare the Allies lose a number of production points which should be subtracted during the next construction phase but they are not.
The losses were being ADDED to allied production!!!

- FIXED: When France surrenders the hexes in Algeria and Morocco not already
  controlled by Axis should become unaligned and not Axis.

- FIXED: The correct name for the German fortress is Siegfried not Seigfreid.

- FIXED: An army attempting to advance to mountain hexes should add two to its die roll in addition to any other modifiers.

8/Sep/06 V2.09 released.


- Part of Campaign 3 (in progress)

Bug Fixes:

- Don't hang if not enough units to remove Italian unit on surrender.
- Fixed hang with network game and autosave setup.
- don't remove production points when trying to build over 10 points in a Romanian army.

28/Mar/06 V2.08 released.


- Save at 'any' time. There is now a SAVE button in the bottom right of the screen when it is possible to save the game. This is usually at the start of a particular turn phase. For example, the start of the initial attack phase. As soon as an attack is made it is no longer possible to save the game until the start of the next phase.
- Removed the ADime file handling library which was causing compatibility issues.

Bug Fixes:

- Stop German declaration of war on italy screwing up events and the Italian army.
- Can no longer move units during production.
- Fixed problem with graphics engine removing graphics elements.
- fixed bug in removing italian strength points.
- only allow forts to be built up to 10 strength points.

7/May/05 V2.07 released.


- Allow quit from choosing bombing targets to stop hang if no more targets left.
- Removed the caret from the autosave file name.
- Show the year and season correctly after a saved game is loaded.

I cannot the reproduce the problem with loading saved files (it may be just the year and season showing as Spring 1939 which I have fixed).

If the problem is still there let me know and I will continue to investigate.

22/Apr/05 V2.06 released.


- Improved the strategic bombing by having a seperate popup window.
- Movement and Combat are now skipped if there are no available armies.

- Can now dismantle forts by right clicking the strength points in the force view during production.
- Sound effects can now be disabled by putting the following line in the hwar.ini file:

- The game can now autosave at the start of every phase if the following lines appear in the hwar.ini file:

Note that these changes are not backward compatible with old saved games, including scenarios created.

filename.sav will contain the saved game.


- Fixed a supply bug in the baltic sea area.
- USA production no longer resets every turn even if reduced by bombing. In fact it should not have been possible to bomb the USA and this is now prevented (along with the other off Map Boxes).
- Stopped leaders getting assigned to 2 armies in leaderAssignment.
- Leaders can now be swapped without one disappearing.
- The bug with NO Leaders remaining and giving -1 is fixed.
- A-Bombs and strateging bombing new works correctly.
- can no longer build units in an army that is in a hex containing 10 str points.
- The garrison for a hex is 0 if it contained an army that was wiped out.
- Poland surrender to the Germans after it has been invaded by the Soviets is now handled correctly.
- British morale collapsing is now handled correctly.
- If Germany invades and captures Britain, the armies are no longer out of supply at the end of combat.
- Fixed a bug with advancing which caused strange results (4 mech advanced past 7 def strength).
- Eben Emaal fort in Belgium now appeats from the start of the game.
- Patton can now no longer be assigned until USA enters the war.

Untested bug-fixes:

- Soviet production went to -2. This is no longer possible - the minimum is 0.

10/Feb/05 V2.05 released.


- Production phase now has as undo feature - right clicking on the mouse will undo most production items.
- Scenario editing. I have added a basic scenario editor for creating your own scenarios.
I have including one "highWater.sav" which is Winter '42 - the high water mark of the Axis
conquests. This has not been playtested for balance or anything - I just knocked it together to test the scenario editor.
- Fast popup Window option. Unfortunately, this can only be set by manually editing the hwar.ini
file and manually adding the following line:

- Drum solo no longer plays if you wait on the start screen. Apologies to all paradiddle fans.
- Amphib assault paths get removed if not used.
- When leningrad conquered the russian fleet is now scuttled if no friendly port.
- Fixed the supply bug for armies on the coast.
- Fixed a supply bug for armies adjacent to a coastal hex.
- Fort Eben Emaal (in Belgium) now triggers a map popup box.
- fort eben emaal no longer displayed if unaligned forces optional rules not in use.
- Fort Eben Emaal now gets destroyed when it runs out of supply.
- Fort Eben Emaal now gets a defensive assault.
- Britain no longer surrenders every turn after its captured.
- Fixed a problem with options if not viewed at startup (they were all being set to 0).
- Fixed problem with Coastal Airstrikes in network game.
- Fixed leaders problem - no longer count immobile forces (US, Italy, Siberia) when
checking the number of strength points.

Untested bug-fixes:

- Army details popup sometimes freezes - this is related to the drum solo problem so should now no longer happen.

I also closed these bugs which should now be gone away (hopefully) due to successive enhancements.

- (From Net): If I start a campaign 2 with all optional rules enabled the unaligned
forces do not show up when I invade poland. If I turn on all the other options and
turn off the unaligned forces then I get to deploy them when I invade poland.
In general, the ini file does not seem to correctly toggle the selected options.
- When I set the ini file manually everything was correct. If I toggled options in
the game, the results were not consistent.
- When conquering Leningrad the russian fleet remained on the map after the surrender
of russia.
- (From Net): When starting a campaign 2 game, I conquered poland and at the end of
the turn, the computer announced that France had surrendered. Also, most of Russia
was listed as german controlled and most of the russian armies started the game out
of supply and were eliminated at the end of the first turn. Curiously the russian
fleet in leningrad was not!

If they are still there please let me know.

24/Jan/05 New Discussion Forum created.

No new release this time; instead I have set up a discussion forum to make it easier to discuss the game, whether its bugs, features, wishlists, rule interpretation etc. Click on the 'ole bull dog' himself to theleft to go to the forum.

10/Jan/05 V2.04 released.


This is a quick fix release to get the network code working again as it was broken due to the changes in the last release.


- Improved the movement of strength points by highlighting the 'from' army.
- Now shows production points on map tool tip.
- Now shows greyed out strength points in the force view for armies that are not currently active for the current action.
- Now shows force view during client missile attacks in network game.

Bug fixes:

- When Russia attacks Finland the Finnish Army now only gets added to Germany once.
- Fixed problem with the default value of the die roll modifier.
- Can now move British fleets into the Mediterranean Sea.
- There is now never insufficient armies to assign a new leader when one is available.
- Fixed problem with missile attacks hanging in 2 player network game.
- The Die Roll modifier optional rule is now checked properly.
- Conquering Turkey changes all the hexes in the country to friendly.

Untested bug-fixes:

- Don't stop Allied armies leaving France once France Surrenders.

1/Jan/05 V2.03 released.


Happy New Year!

This latest release is largely a bug-fix release. Thanks to all who sent back bug reports. All the more serious ones have been addressed. The wish list has also grown quite a bit!


Added Flames of War requested support. There is now a new optional rule which when checked will cause the following to happen: Every time the game goes to roll the die, a popup will appear allowing the player to manually input a die roll modifier between -10 and +10. This will be added to the actual die roll. This is to facilitate using the game as a campaign tracker for Flames Of War miniatures battles.


- Fixed a problem with invasion of a neutral country which was causing a crash if this was the first attack on the country (i.e. if the invasion broke neutrality).
- Moving missiles no longer crashes the game.
- Fixed all problems with keeping track of the production points of each faction by recounting at the start of each production phase. Thus for instance, the Western Allies now start with the correct number (23) of production points. This also fixed various problems with the Russian production count.
- Lend Lease now gets added correctly to the Russian production count.
- Armies with more than 10 strength points can now move across seas that have unlimited movement.
- If germans refuse the USSR surrender, they can now keep attacking hexes in the USSR.
- Fixed a small error in the fighter escorts exchange popup details showing too many lines of text.
- The fort at Eben Emaal was not shown on the map until the low-countries entered the war.
- When the allies win the game the correct flag is now shown in the popup message box (i.e. not the Soviet flag :)). Also, if the allies (or Soviets) win on the last turn it would correctly show the message box saying who had won. But then immediately afterwards it would put up the Germany victory message box (boy did my 2 sons laugh at this when it happened).
- Fixed various problems with the partial building of fleet and carrier strength points. Also, the carrier points are now displayed in the force view.
- Poland until conquered, now correctly remains unaligned to all.
- German missiles in poland couldnít attack Minsk due to a problem with calculating the 2-hex distance.

Untested bug-fixes:
The following bugs have been fixed but not tested. Please let me know if they are still occuring.

- Moving a whole army from USA/Canada to europe no longer avoids the U-Boat attack on trans-Atlantic movement.
- Hexes were being supplied by sea even if there were no friendly production points within reach of the  sea.
- Invasion route was able to go through non-friendly gibraltar.
- Allied Mediterranean sea allowance was not restored after recapturing Gibraltar.
- Anti Aircraft fire can no longer shoot down bomber points that have not been committed to the strategic air attack.

14/Nov/04 V2.02 released.


Well it's been six months since the last release which is too long and there is a valid reason for this. After the last release I was contacted by Matrix Games who declared that they were interested in publishing the game. This was very exciting and flattering for me and I told them I was interested and continued to add new features and fix the known bugs. I postponed all releases to this website until further notice.

Unfortunately, it is now six months later, I have chased Matrix Games several times and send them an updated version but they have not got back to me at all not even to acknowledge receipt of the version or my Emails.

So apologies for the delay but here is the latest release for free with all of the work from the last six months.

P.S. keep those bug reports coming!

14/Nov/04 V2.02 released.


Added optional rules support for home forces of minor countries.
Added optional rules support for leaders .
Added optional rules support for naval rules.
Added optional rules support for ships and carriers.
Added network support for Fall Of Germany and Campaign scenarios.
The popup windows now time out after 3 seconds.
Added displays for the CRT, Units and Firepower tables.
The button under the mouse now flashes in the start screens.
Removed the missiles production icons when no missile capability.
Added and improved the sound effects.
Added highlight for the naval fire hex.
Added ini file which remembers previous game choices.
Added player chat in the network game setup window.
Added resizable window capability.
Now shows stacked units better.

Fixed problem with 2 armies sharing the same hex - previously could only select one of the armies for attack, assault etc.
Fixed a problem with popup helptexts getting stuck.
Fixed bugs with yellow army highlight hexes - sometimes they were getting removed prematurely.
Fixed problem with coastal air attacks which were never occuring.
Fixed problem with autofixing of the overstacked armies. This should now never hang. (This bug was reported by several people).
Fixed problems with tooltips and popup windows overlapping.

08/Mar/04 V2.00 released.

This release add support for network play. Although all the code has been implemented, only Barbarossa has been tested. A complete game was played between 2 computers with no serious problem. This is therefore an appropriate time for a release as people can play network games over the internet or on a LAN, and also they will be able to attempt the other scenarios and relay any problems via EMail.
By request, can now switch between windows and full screen mode by pressing the '1' and '2' keys.

Stopped the USSR being able to repair Siberia up to 12 points before the 12 point capacity is reached.
Changed the stacking check at the end of movement so that 2 or more armies can occupy the same hex provided they do not exceed the 10 point stacking limit.

16/Nov/03 V1.03 released.

The map popup on right click now shows production details for the hex.
Research view now shows the cost and next cost for the item.

Research no longer allows dice rolls after the first roll fails.
The Axis now receive Italian production when Italy joins the Axis.
Advancing on a fort with tac air no longer hangs due to air superiority losses.
Fixed problem with loading and saving.

23/Oct/03 V1.02 released.

Now centers icons that have been picked up by the mouse for easier placement.
Added names for forts.
Added file selection for Load/Save game.
Improved error handing for load/save.
Special paradrop attack hexes are now shown.
Should now be able to quit at any time by pressing the Q key.

Fixed problem with Northern Romania supplying Russian armies.
Fixed problem where Axis army in Tunisia could relocate magically to Sicily.
Fixed problem with initial attacks if an army advanced onto another army which was about to advance it was no longer possible to select that army for its initial advance.
Tac Air superiority losses should no longer hang for empty armies.
Fall Of Germany saved games should now be loadable.
Paratroops no longer count for assaults across water.
Enhanced the French production hex repairing so that any 3 production points can be left unrepaired by Germany.

5/Oct/03 V1.01 released.

Added U-boat attacks on shipping.
Added Load/Save game.

Fixed problem with the cost of Armour in Campaign 1 scenario.
Fixed Siberian production problems.
Italy now surrenders.
Automatically end bombing if no losses.
Defensive assault now counts tac air.
Added non-allied naval bombardment.
Fixed problem with amphibious attack on empty hexes crashing.
Reduced garrison now applies to any army attacking the hex.

27/Sep/03 V1.00 released.

The first version has been released today. It allows hot seat play covering all the Hitler's War scenarios and rules except for the optional rules. Also check the Bug/Wish List section for known issues.


EMail: jonathanfmcc@gmail.com