Hitler's War for Windows

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Campaign 3 Progress Status
Initial Setup Done
Game Length not started
Victory Conditions not started
Optional Rule Changes not started
Initial Turn Done
Unaligned Country supply Done
Italian Production Done
Defending France Done
Defending England Done
U-Boat Firepower Done
U-Boat Ports Done
German Fleet Movement not started
German Improvised Amphibious invasion not started
Invading England not started
Norwegian Surrender Done
French Surrender not started
British Surrender not started
Bomber Firepower Done
Med Shipping Done
Sea Transport Chart Done
Desert Warfare Done
Finland Supply Limit not started
Missile/Abomb Research Done
Missile Targets Done
Abomb Production Done
Invincibility Done
National Morale Chart Done
Options Screen Changes Done


Missing Elements
The italian army optional rules have not been implemented.


Known bugs Priority
If a fleet contains Aircraft Carriers one is unable to relocate those Carriers to another fleet by pressing the right button on the mouse one may transfer only the ship strength points. high
For the Axis player it should be possible to invade off-map boxes like French Africa, British Africa, Canada and India. high
If the Axis player obtains strategic bombers it should be possible for him to bomb the off map production hexes.  high
Gibraltar should be limited to hold up to three ship strength points. high
Cannot start a second network game - it hangs at startup/network cleanup. medium
Game does not always clean up correctly on exit. medium
Indicate more clearly when waiting for the other side in a network game. medium
Indicate more clearly which faction is being played in a network game. medium
In the network game, the path of an amphibious invasion is only shown to the player conducting the invasion. medium
Tooltip text occasionally overlaps with the popup windows. low
What happens to French fleets when France surrenders (rule claraifications are very strange) ? low
Entering Siberia outside the "hex" with the 8 in it, doesn't cause destruction of all the production. low
The optional rules should be implemented only in Campaign Game II. very low


Wish List
Add computer AI controlled players.
More detailed on screen instructions (i.e. help) to show how to play.
Show the die-roll span in a popup for each potential advance choice.
Allow initial placement of fleets (this is currently automatic).
PBEM Play By Email support.
Allow 'force browsing' so that player can look at opponents force display.
Add more comprehensive keyboard shortcuts and sounds.


EMail: jonathanfmcc@gmail.com